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Closed Eyes
Photograph by Nathan Hoover
Masaya delights audiences by combining traditional Tsugaru Shamisen with modern musical elements. An American raised in Japan, Masaya studied with Tsugaru Shamisen masters Akihito Narumi and Kazuo Yasukore. He records for Mimcry Records and plays shamisen in Estradasphere, God of Shamisen, Secret Chiefs 3, and the Fishtank Ensemble.

The Shamisen is a 3 stringed lute originally from China, and imported to Japan in the 16th century.

Tsugaru shamisen is unique and percussive style developed in the snowy mountains of Tsugaru, in Northern Japan.

For Shamisen Concerts and Lessons: call Masaya (a.k.a., Kevin Kmetz) at 541-517-4693 or e-mail him.